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             The home of the other Mario brother.           

Well, it's been ages since I've last updated, but this site isn't dead and shouldn't be any time soon.  I'd love to know what you all think of the new site design.  I told you it'd be coming sooner or later. ;)  Sorry it's taken me so long.  I can't make any promises as to when I'll be able to update next, but I'll try to make some room in my busy schedule.  ^_^;;  I'd like to thank everyone who's given me their support, and I hope that you continue to support this site and any other Luigi sites on the web.  As always, your contributions are welcome.  Right now, my goal is to continue providing items pertaining to Luigi, especially images, to his fans.  There are tons of pictures out there, and I'm still trying to track them all down.  ^_^

Also, feel free to sign up for Juliet Singleton's Luigi Fanclub.
Luigi lovers unite!  ^_^



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