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[July 7, 2000]

          I'm back!  Luigi's been doing quite a bit since I last updated.  ^_^;;  What everyone seems to be most excited about now is Mario Tennis 64.  In addition to the regular cast of characters from the Mario universe are the long absent Princess Daisy from Super Mario Land and Birdo from Super Mario Bros. 2 USA.  Even though Birdo has popped up in games like Wario's Woods and Kirby Super Star, this is perhaps the first time that these two ladies will be featured as playable characters.  

          What Luigi fans are talking about, though, is the introduction of Wario's brother and Luigi's rival, Waluigi.  Now, while it's really cool that Lugi gets his own rival and all... Waluigi...?!  What kind of name is that?!  While "Wario" was a clever name, to me, "Waluigi" sounds rather dumb.  Wario is a cute pun.  Not only does it rhyme with Mario, but it also sounds a lot like the Japanese word "warui," which means "bad."  Also, the name "Wario" plays with the way an upside-down "M" looks like the letter "W."  Now, Waluigi, on the other hand...  well, as far as I know, it doesn't sound like anything meaningful in Japanese, and it only rhymes with Luigi since the name is basically Luigi with a "wa" shoved in front of it.  And he has an upside down "L" on his hat?!