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[May 17, 2001]

          Lots of new Luigi's Mansion pics today popping up on various sites, as well as downloadable footage. And, if you were watching Tech TV today or yesterday, you may have seen some of this stuff full-screen. :) There's still no word on if Luigi will be playable in Super Smash Bros. Melee, but there's always the possibility that he'll be a hidden character again. I hope so, as the videos I saw seemed to have all of the characters from the original game, other than Luigi and Jigglypuff. But with Luigi getting his own game at around the same time as that game's release, it would seem a bit odd to exclude him. On a slightly unrelated note, I think the addition of Peach, Bowser, and Sheik kicks ass. :)
          For lots of new movies and pics, check out the following sites:

          I should also mention that Luigi's Mansion is probably not "the" Mario game for GameCube, but we'll probably have to wait for SpaceWorld in August to get the details on that game. Also, there's word of new additions to the Mario Kart and Mario Party series in the works for GameCube. And of course, don't forget about Super Mario Advance and Mario Kart Advance for... (duh) Game Boy Advance. I got a chance to play Super Mario Advance the other day, and it looked and played quite nicely. :)

[May 16, 2001]

          The news all Luigi fans have been waiting for. It's now official. Luigi will be starring in his first solo title since Mario Is Missing, and under the watchful eye of Miyamoto-san, it's certainly looking good.
          Details about the game were revealed earlier this week and today at the pre-E3 press conference. It's no secret that our boy Luigi scares easily, and this game is looking to take full advantage of that personality trait, helping to further develop Luigi's character.
          Luigi's Mansion's story begins with Luigi and Mario winning a contest in which a mansion is the prize. However, as Luigi arrives at the mansion, he discovers that it is haunted, and his brother is nowhere to be found. Luigi is informed by an odd little doctor that in order to rescue Mario, he must collect all of the mansion's ghosts and turn them into paintings, armed with only a flashlight and a vacuum cleaner.
          The gameplay stands apart from other Mario Bros. games. Luigi must locate ghosts with his flashlight and then suck them up with his vacuum cleaner. This vacuum appears to be his main tool throughout the game. He can use it to inhale ghosts, as well as items such as coins and mice, and it can also be used to spray water. However, players must watch that vacuum doesn't overheat, or Luigi's overalls will catch on fire. Ouch.   :)    While the game is fully 3D, it often takes on a side-scrolling perspective as Luigi makes his way through the mansion.
          As for the graphics, they really show what the GameCube is capable of. The transparent glow of the ghosts, the real-time light and shadows cast by Luigi's flashlight, Luigi's cowering and frightened expressions, and various other effects add to the dark and creepy mood of the game. New pictures have been released in addition to the footage from SpaceWorld in August, and they really speak for themselves. Click on the links below. (Credit for these images goes to

1   |   2   |   3   |   4   |   5

          The game will be available November 2001, probably at launch, which is currently scheduled for November 5th. Check back later for further updates... ^_^

[March 2, 2001]

          All righty... It's 5:30 am, and I haven't gone to bed yet, so I'll make this quick.   ^_^;;   There's a new message board up now, since the old one is shutting down.  The new one's an ezboard, which I like very much.   I hope to see you all there.   ^_^  

          Other updates are slow simply because I don't have a lot of time on my hands at the moment.  I have lots of new pictures and sounds to add, and the game list and links are seriously outdated.   o_O;;   Spring break is coming up soon, so I'll try to get a decent update done then (provided I get to take my computer home with me).   Also, a lot of the mail I've been sent over the past couple of months has been lost, so if you e-mailed me and haven't gotten a reply, I'm really sorry.   If it was something important you can try sending it again, or better yet, head on over on the message board, since I tend to check for new messages more often than I check my mail.   ^_^;;   And of course, keep those poll responses coming in!   Once I have the time, I'll figure out the results and post them.   ^_^  

[August 24/25, 2000]

          So much to do and so little time!  Well, it's almost time for me to head back to college, but with all the excitement surrounding Spaceworld 2000, I thought it'd be a good time to update.  If you've been to and various other gaming sites recently, I'm sure you've seen screenshots of the Gamecube and Game Boy Advance in action. In case you haven't, just take a look at these Gamecube screenshots of Luigi braving a haunted mansion!  ^_^

          These pics do not necessarily represent actual scenes from the next Mario game, but they do give us an idea of what to expect.  The clip (and  maybe game?) has been dubbed "Luigi's Mansion."  I like the detail in his shoes and overalls, and I thought it was interesting that his eyebrows and mustache are brown, like the rest of his hair, rather than the usual black.  The effects and fluid movement in this clip are simply amazing.  Try to see it in motion, if you can.  And if you can't, check out the pictures section for some more screenshots.  :)
          Now for the update...  As of 4:55 AM EST on August 25th, I've got the entire pictures section updated (for now).  Lots of new pics this time.  I've added some old favorites in with lots of new stuff.  As I mentioned above, I've got a whole bunch of screenshots of Luigi in the Gamecube demo.  I'll be watching out for any new info from Spaceworld.  :)
          I have some new sounds and links to add, but I'm afraid I'm gonna have to put them on hold for a bit.  Keep an eye out for them.
          Oh well, I really need to get a little sleep now...  Catch you on the message board.  :)